Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Is Her Daddy Chinese?

I have been expecting it. I knew it would come, but I didn't know when. It came last week...the first insensitive comment from a total stranger. Maybe it wasn't insensitive...maybe just inquisitive but I wanted to knock this lady out all the same.

Lily and I made a trip to the grocery store as we were running low on noodles. I felt the eyes on us...every trip up an aisle and down the next. I passed her several times when she finally called out in her best hillbilly voice, "IS HER DADDY CHINESE?" I was a little shocked but managed to spit out, "As a matter of fact, he is!" I only wished I had been thinking quick enough to add, "And so is her mother!"

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Better Picture of Beautiful Cousins!

Oops...Lily closed her eyes!

Beautiful Cousins!

We were visited last week by my brother, Michael and his wife, Terri, and their daughters Sarah and Kaley. They enjoyed meeting their new niece and cousin and she REALLY enjoyed meeting them! We also had some wonderful Tennessee Springtime weather! YAY!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Look What Happened at Our House Today!

Just for the record, it is the third day of Spring today!!!

A Glorious Easter Sunday!

We hope everyone had a GLORIOUS Easter Sunday...we sure did! We started the morning early (I'm turning over a new leaf!) and had a wonderful family breakfast prior to donning our Easter finery. Let me say takes longer to get two kids ready! Our church had only one service this Sunday...10 that sounds "do-able" enough, but we were 10 minutes late! I wanted the girls to look fabulous and they did, even if I looked somewhat undone!

Did you know that a majority of the Chinese people are athiests? That's a concept I cannot wrap my mind around. There are over two billion people in China and most of them do not believe in God. It's not their fault...organized religion is discouraged. But I wonder how anyone can look at the beauty of a sunset or at a majestic mountain and not wonder who created this earth? How can someone hear a child's laugh or a baby's needy cry and not immediately thank God for those gifts?

We are blessed in so many ways...but our greatest blessing of all is the opportunity to introduce our children to their creator. Please, Lord, don't let me mess this one up!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Many apologies for the delay in posting...I have misplaced my camera battery charger (it's probably in China somewhere!) and I haven't been able to take pictures! We enjoyed a visit with my dad and Gail today, so I took advantage and downloaded his pictures so I could post!

It was a beautiful semi-Spring day here in Tennessee..we enjoyed temps in the high 60's and wonderful, wonderful sun!!! I am a Florida girl and I really miss the sun in the Winter. I don't care if it's 16 degrees outside as long as I can see the sun!!!

Our lives have been touched by so many people who read our blog while we were in China. We have renewed friendships neglected over time, met new friends who share an interest in our journey and made cyberfriends we may well never meet. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the wonderful comments and is a joy to share our joy! Thank you also to all who have sent wishes, prayers, cards and gifts. The girls were blessed today with gifts from a thoughtful group of people at the China Pavillion at Epcot Center...we may never meet these great folks (I hope we do!) but are touched by their generosity. Thanks also to my dad and Gail for the awesome scrapbook!!

Lily braved the hot tub for the first time tonight and really enjoyed it! She didn't want to get out until she noticed her fingertips were all pruny!!! We are amazed at how well she is adjusting to family life...she has experienced no negative sleeping, eating or beahviorial issues. Knock on wood! We went to our favorite Chinese restaurant tonight and the server asked her in Mandarin where she came from and she chirped out...MY HOUSE!!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

This Blog Was Interrupted By Jet Lag!

I used to think "Jet Lag" was a wive's tale, a lame excuse made by many to grab a nap. I don't think that anymore because I am a full-fledged sufferer of jet lag! My poor body clock is so messed up that I don't know day from night! Thank goodness Lily hasn't been affected. The little trouper slept 10 of the 12 hours of our flight from Tokyo and has slept regularly since our return!

When our plane pulled into tiny Tri-Cities Regional Airport, the passengers on our flight called us over to the other side of the plane to get a look at the crowd of people gathered to greet us on the observation deck. Among the welcoming committee were my mom, Angie Barnett, the Laughlins with Abbey Grace, Richard and Jada Lane, The Stewart Family and our neighbors and pet caretakers, the Toppings. We were so excited to see everyone and were never so happy to be getting off an airplane in our entire lives! Once inside the terminal, we made the long trek down the final corridor, seeing our friends and family at the end. Sophie took off in a sprint and Lily took off after her, not knowing anyone but still running and laughing. By the time Pete and I got to the end of the hall, most of the introductions had been made and Lily and Sophie were on the floor of the airport terminal playing with their friends. Thanks to everyone for making our homecoming so wonderful. My friend, Allison, who knows the quickest way to Pete's heart is through his stomach, brought banana bread and cookies and Stephanie Topping made us the most beautiful memory book!

We've spent the last two days tackling our mountain of was so gross I considered burning all of it! Yesterday we went to the golf course to meet Pete's great staff, Marilyn, Bob, Roger and the girls from the accounting department who brought gifts for both Lily and Sophie. We all watched Lily do a jigsaw puzzle and write her name in English and Chinese. I wrote out the ABC's for her the other day and she copied them on her paper. Yesterday she wrote them by memory! I know we are not related by DNA, but I can still claim she's so smart because of me, can't I?

Thanks to all who follow our has been a real pleasure and we plan to continue keeping everyone informed on our progress!!! So check back soon for more pictures and stories about our ladybug and our leapfrog!